Major Interventions
Municipal Corporations of SAHARANPUR (U.P.), KOTDWAR (Uttrakhand) have opted this technique. It is operational in 23 wards of Sahranpur for the last 3 years and in the whole town of Kotdwar for the last one and a half year

Hotel Vivek , Gorakhpur (U.P.) has opted Drum Technique to manage its daily waste produce. Now , the Liquid Manure produced from this garbage is creating wonders to Hotel’s Garden .

Almost all Jails produce tons of garbage daily. Most of the Jails have their own Agriculture Farms, which require tons of fertilizers. To settle score with both the needs, Gorakhpur Jail has opted Drum Technique for its waste management. Now, the Liquid Manure produced from this garbage is creating wonders to Agriculture Farm of the Jail.

ASHRAMS / TEMPLES: Most of the temples in India and abroad receive tons of flowers daily as part of offerings by the devotees. Most of the management committees of these temples are forced to throw these flowers into the nearby rivers which is extremely harmful for environment. Big Ashrams of country also faces the same problem.
Ramkrishna Math, Kolkata has opted Drum Technique for it’s waste management. Math gets so much Liquid Manure from their waste that they use it for the Ashram’s plant and farm send rest to other Ashrams as well. Swamiji of the Math are now much relieved after getting right solution for their garbage problem.

SMALL / MEDIUM / BIG TOWNSHIPS: Domestic garbage is a major problem in all the colonies, townships etc. Conversion of the waste into organic manure is a boon for this perpetual problem. The manure can be easily used in the parks of colonies / townships.
Star Paper Mill, Saharanpur has opted Drum Technique for the waste management of it’s staff colony situated inside the premises of factory. They use liquid / solid organic manure in the parks situated all around the factory. The health of plants has improved manifold and the flowers won prizes in the Annual Flower Show organized in the district.
Northern Eastern Railways, Headquarter at Gorakhpur has finalized to opt this technique for its various staff colonies situated at Gorakhpur.

CORPORATES: Corporate Houses has also endorsed this technique and found it useful for their offices, colonies etc. Vodaphone , ITC, Walmart, ONGC are a few who opted this technique for their waste management .
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